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Molly Harrison Biography

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Molly has kindly given me permission
to use her biography on my website.
Molly Harrison

First let me say thank you for taking some time out of your busy life to be curious about my art. I am truly honored.

A little bit about myself....I currently work as an artist and illustrator out of my home in the beautiful northern California valley. It is here where the winters turn cold, where the summer is hot, and where autumn comes dancing in vibrant colors, swirling leaves, and scarlet skies. And spring is not forgotten with it's touch of violet and yellow sprinkled throughout the fields and hills. I am lucky to be here.

I was born in 1968 in Berkeley, California and I grew up not far from there in a small coastal town and artist community. Its unmatched beauty and charm is imbedded in my heart and soul, and though I live in the valley now, I can still taste the salty air that is forever in my heart.

I am a wife and a mother of two beautiful children. My experience in art comes from many places. Art is part of my family, I can remember sitting by my grandfather in his studio watching his hand gracefully float over the page. His barns, boats, fields, and animals kept me (and still keep me) in complete awe. And he would give me paper and paint and patiently let me try. My parents, husband, and friends have always encouraged me which I am forever grateful. Art is something that comes from deep within. But it is important to be encouraged by people around us. I am a true believer that if one is allowed to be creative, the spirit will have hope, happiness, and passion.

Being forever inspired by mystique and myth, I have somewhat unintentionally chosen the fantasy world of faeries and other mythical beings as my way of embracing the world of art. I use mainly watercolor and ink as my medium of choice, but I don't like to be limited. I have been awe struck by beautiful fantasy masterpieces as far back as I can remember; so I guess this is where I belong. People ask why fantasy art? It's just what I love I guess. I believe that there is more than meets the eye in just about everything, and that includes our world. The mystique in history, legends, and fairytales is something that keeps us searching, keeps us growing, and sort of ties us all together. All art is a form of expression, whether it be symbolic or straightforward. I am definitely an emotive artist which can be good and bad and I'll just leave it at that. I am still searching my heart and hand for that one masterpiece, and maybe when I'm 90 (if I'm so lucky) I'll find it. Until then, this is a fantastic journey that I'll endure.

One of my main inspirations, besides nature, spirit and soul, has been children's books. I find the soft, light heartedness in many of the works of art out there soul quenching. With the birth of my daughter (in 1998) and then my son (in 2002), I was reunited with the magic and hominess of storybooks.

I began my college career as a musician, majoring in vocals. Though I carried on with my music in a band for a few years (where I met my husband), I dropped the music major and decided on something else, although music still has hold of my heart and always will. I studied Illustration in college and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Illustration Design. I learned many techniques back then, but I'd have to say that I am mainly self-taught (and forever learning!). The art that was always dieing to creep out of my head was cold and dormant for many years while I sort of lost touch with my "inner spirit" so to speak. I feel that I am at my best when I am deeply at work, creating. Sometimes it's difficult to find that space inside that allows the creative energy to flow (with all else going on), but when I do, I am undeniably at peace.

I have been selling my art on eBay (www.eBay.com) since May of 2003, where I regularly have originals up for auction. My venture has brought confidence, artistic growth, and inspiration to my being. My work can be found across the globe in private collections and it is being licensed worldwide for use on various products. I want to thank all of you wonderful supporters of my artwork. Your patronage truly keeps me going and lifts my spirits on a daily basis!
I hope you find a little bit of happiness and magic here while you browse my art. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to drop me a note using the contact link.


Visit Molly Harrison's own website at www.mollyharrisonart.com

All images copyright of Molly Harrison

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